Alarm chaos this morning


Caynax behaved very strangely today.
-The first alarm at 4:07 went off as always.
-Don’t know about the second alarm - I was in the bathroom.
-The third alarm at 5:32 did not go off at all - and the Alarms list looked strange (hopefully, see attached screenshot.)
-The fourth alarm at 6:29 went off - but with the melody of alarm 3.

Just now I looked at the notification area - and Caynax informed me that I had missed the alarm at 5:32.

Is this known misbehaviour?

Hi. What is interval of that Cyclic alarm at 5:32? If it was previously set before winter time change and next occurrence was “now” then there was problem with such alarms (didn’t adjust 1 hour change). I have posted warning about that in previous application update.
If alarm started at 6:29 had proper title then it also should have proper ringtone.