Alarm clock and Android 10

Just updated to Android 10. Previously, when the alarm went off while the phone was sleeping, a nice panel would be displayed with nice big snooze and dismiss buttons. Now, the panel is hidden. I need to pick up the phone, unlock it, search through notifications and find the one for the alarm, select it, then try to touch the very tiny dismiss control while the alarm is blaring full blast at 6 in the morning. Not a good way to start the day (especially when it wakes up the wife!)

How do I get back to the nice panel with the big, easy to find buttons when my alarm goes off first thing in the morning?

Please update app to 9.6 version and grant app “Draw over other apps” permission.

The “draw over other apps” permission did the trick! Thanks!

Same problem here. Android 10, 9.8.2. Is my version number. Draw over other apps is turned on.

I see that it happens sometimes for my personal device but as this is not easy to reproduce and does not always happen so far I can’t fix it.

It happens every morning for me. Android 10, Note 20 Ultra. Newest version of Alarm Pro. A fix for this will be very welcoem