Alarm Displays Blank Screen

For the last few days my alarm sometimes displays a blank screen instead of the usual alarm screen. Mostly it occurs when an alarm goes off after having been snoozed although it did happen once on a first alarm.

This does not happen when the screen is already on (like when I’m using the phone) only when the screen is locked and off.

Unfortunately both my phone and the app updated themselves right before this started so I am not sure if either of those things is responsible or if it is the two together causing a problem.

My phone is a Pixel 4a (5G) running Android 14 and the app version is 13.0.2.

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What exactly do you mean by blank screen? Device screen as if app was in background or some kind of not properly loaded with no views in it?

It’s like the alarm screen isn’t loading. It’s just black with the white gesture bar at bottom. If I swipe up I end up on my normal lock screen then have to unlock my phone and go in through the notification menus to snooze or dismiss.

Still usable as an alarm, just a bit unweildy. It’s only been happening this week, never had issues before that. My guess is something in Android 14 is giving the app a fit when it tries to resume the alarm after being snoozed.

I did have it happen once on an initial alarm but I changed the setting to allow the screen to turn on when a notification comes through and now it only happens after being snoozed. I know 14 had suite of changes to the lock screen so I’m guessing something in there is causing a problem.

Hi,. I have also experienced it once. I guess it must have something to do with Android 14 update. I see that some users also got Black Screen of Death.

Yes its in Android 14, I am getting this 60% times.