Alarm Group Question

I have the Pro version.

I only see one alarm group entitled ‘Work Days’. I want to configure another group entitled ‘Weekend’.

I only need two alarms, one for my work day alarm and one for the weekend. When I change the dates to the weekend my work days change to the weekend. When I change the dates to the work day the weekend days change to the work days.

I must be overlooking a setting. Thank you.

Hi. That “Work days” groups was designed to be used when you irregularly change working days but perform the same actions (alarms) during day. That way you enter any “Work days” alarm, change days for it and other alarms of that group are re-scheduled.

For your needs use quick alarm that can be repeated on weekly basics (you can also use cyclic alarm repeated weekly).

Maybe I figured it out. Time will tell :slight_smile: