Alternative Grouping for Chimes

Sorry in advance for this getting so long.

It would be really helpful if I could group chimes simply under as a task/name, rather than necessarily restricting one group to specific days. Even if that was done by simply allowing Chime Groups to be “nested” into a folder together, as long as I could still toggle them off as one piece.

As an example reason for why this would be helpful is with something like medication. I don’t take my normal meds Fri-Sun unless I need to. On these days I go to work at the same time, so Fri-Sun is one Chime group. On normal weeks, because I don’t take a particular med, I need to take alternative meds as a digestive aid. I take one med at night on Friday, and a different med in the mornings of Sat and Sun.

I can’t put them into the work group because: [1] I can’t disable only the alternative med chimes (for weeks when I do end up taking my normal med) without disabling the work chimes (I can disable it, but not temporarily turn off, and can’t risk forgetting to turn it back on) and [2] I can’t set the Friday night med without unwanted duplicates Sat and Sun night, and vice versa for the Sat and Sun morning chimes.

So now I need to have a “Fri-Sun” (work) group, a “Friday” (evening med) Group, and a “Sat & Sun” (morning med) Group. That’s still not
a huge issue, but when it compounds with other tasks like this that I’m trying to experiment swapping to TTS notifications for, it gets convuluted fast.

Moreover, I need to experiment a little in setting these up, probably tweaking things over the course of a few weeks, and this means that with each edit, I’ll need to be locating task-specific chimes in various groups (and needing to remember where chimes related to this task are stored) if I just plug them in to different days’ groups that happen to work. Not to mention that sometimes my prescriptions change–it’s just a hassle to have to remember where the chimes are grouped.

Even if I could nest groups involving different days into a “folder of groups” and if the ability temporary disable groups was extended to that folder, I could declutter the groups page a lot, turn on and off experimental ideas more easily, and not be left trying to find a workaround strategy for organizing. Right now, by the time I get to throwing in the habit-building notifications, the changing school semesters, and these two above-mentioned things, I’m left thinking the only really sensible “grouping” for me (in the current app) is to have a group for each day of the week, and then make separate groups specifically when I think I’ll need to temporarily disable a chime.

Some other examples:
School Midterms & Finals: no regular lab or lecture chimes (different days/times for those two things, so currently two different groups) and no regular homework-related stuff are needed, so it would be nice to be able folder those together so I could temporarily disable chimes for one week. Otherwise they distract me while I study.

Exercise: I hurt my knee two weeks ago, and I hate being reminded of it with chimes (all kinds of day/time combos with this subject). I’d love to disable these together as a one-click until I got better and could exercise again. I also usually drop the exercise on midterms/finals weeks, so I actually typically get tempted to just disable the app because it’s just too much to comb through before and after test week.

I also would love to set up separate stuff for bulking and cutting phases, but I can’t do something like that in the current app; it would be too much to toggle through whenever I changed phases. (Side note: enabling the archiving/hiding disabled groups from the group menu would be really awesome for something like this, but this is probably a pretty niche need).

Work: I go to work at a different time on one day of the week. If I want some non-worktime chimes, it requires one day to be set as a separate Chime Group from other days, to account for the difference.

Thanks. that’s a lot of suggestions and to think of.
The first thing that comes to my mind is to allow to skip just single Chime Group instead of doing that for the whole app. I need to give more thinking about it as people already complain about too much complexity with these groups while on the other hand I find them useful as you don’t need to disable everything or “hundreds of single definitions”.