App not working on LG v40

LG v40 Android 8.1 Verizon since getting it on this phone the alarm Mrs all the time or alerts 1 hour late have set all battery optimization have uninstalled and reinstalled have done factory reset on the phone and I’m at my wit’s end like this up a lot cuz I have for alarm set up some three months apart but they do repeat please let me know what I need to do to get it working properly

Your hourly chime app works perfectly

I’m doing this reply to my own post after doing some checking the LG v40 says I can handle a 2 terabyte SD card I put a 400 gig in and that’s when the phone went haywire redid the phone did a factory reset with a 250 gig in place everything’s working great again including this app so be forewarned if you have anything bigger than 256 and something’s not working check the SD card any replies that’s fine always looking for new tips and stuff keep you posted but so far the alarm worked well today