App pause (sometimes..) when phone goes into locked

Hi there

Since last update, the app pause sometimes when the phone is going into locked screen. As i disable counter beeps (i keep only the start training/end training signals so i can listen to some Music during training), so i realize it went to pause when training lenght seems excessively long… :slight_smile: Which is not practical. I have bought the app so i don’t need to watch my phone to check timings, and i end doing so anyway to be sure Caynax is working.

Android 13 on Samsung A52. Hope you can help ! Thanks, Jef

Hi. Which app?
Lately we migrate all apps to so called target Android 12 and we notice that on some of them (Android 12+) battery optimization must be turned off.
So far we didn’t require that as app was working in the foreground but we are noticing that issue on some (not all) devices.
Next HIIT app update will detect it and inform user about it. I’ll see how it goes and introduce such approach in other apps.

Hello, thanks for the reply. It is HIIT indeed.

So i should disable battery optimization ? Which parameter, i see “adaptative battery” (or something close, i translate from french), or “Battery protection” ?

Go to device applications list. Find app. Check its battery usage view. Set it to “No restrictions”.

It was indeed set on “optimized”. I will try this and let you know!

Thank you

After few weeks using the app i confirm this solved my issue. Thank you!

Thanks for feedback.