Audible App stops playing when TTS talks to me

Hi Caynax community

I don’t know if this is happened because of the last update, I haven’t used the app a few weeks now.

I go for walks, track my routes and listen to an audiobook while walking, via the audible app.
Today I noticed that my audiobook stops playing whenever the sports tracker talks to me. When the app starts the starting countdown, when it notifies me how many kilometeres i walked (every 1km in my case), and whenever I manually pause or stop the app.

And it is kind of annoying to take my phone out of the pocket, unlock it, go into the audible app and press the play button again. Everytime the text-to-speech voice talks to me. This problem did not occur approximately 2 weeks ago. In the past, it worked perfectly fine. Whenever I got a tts notification from the app, the audiobook resumed afterwards without a problem.

Did I just miss an option or a box in the menu?

I’m using a Redmi Note 8 pro.
The caynax tracker has access to wifi and mobile data, and I turned off battery limitations for this app. Same goes for the audible app.
Sports Tracker has access to my physical activity(?), my storage, and my location when I use the app.
The app can send me permanent notifications

Restarting one or both apps didn’t help and neither did turning off and restarting my phone. I uninstalled and reinstalled both apps.

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Edit: a video of the problem. I start the tracking, audiobook stops. I pause the tracking, audiobook stops. I resume the tracking, audiobook stops.

Edit 2: The full screen ad that plays from time to time also stops the audio playback

Edit 3: An inconvenient workaround (so far) is to disable the text-to-speech function, but this shouldn’t be the general idea on how to fix this. I also doubt that disabling TTS will hinder the full screen video ad from stopping the audiobook playback.

I don’t know what causes this. The audible app, the caynax sports tracker or something entirely different.

I guess it is the problem of the Audible app. If I were you, I will use other methods to play Audible books. For example, you can convert AAX to MP3 Mac and this may help.

To avoid this issue, you may try to listen to Audible offline. If so, you can use Audible to MP3 Converter to make it. Just try it out here.