Bluetooth not working

For some reason, this morning, no matter what I do, I can’t get sound from the alarm app via Bluetooth, and it’s the only way I can hear it. (I’m Deaf.)

I’ve turned Bluetooth on and off. Many times.
I’ve rebooted. Many times.
I’ve confirmed that I can hear via Bluetooth with other apps.
I’ve confirmed that the Caynax alarm sounds when Bluetooth is turned off.
I tried switching an alarm to a max of 100 percent with a starting max of 15.
Apparently, there’s been no update since January.

Any suggestions?

Never mind. I solved the problem. I realized that I didn’t get a notification sound when I received a text message. Turns out my Galaxy 5 watch was set to mute notifications on the phone, and that was causing it.

Hi. Sorry for delay. Great you solved and thanks for the feedback.

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