Body measurements app suggestions for DEV

Hi there!

After using several (really) body measurements apps, I found your Body measurements the best one and paid for it! Great! Now here I’m to help you guys with some ideas for Body measurements app improvements that I see can be very useful for us:

  1. Sync Body Measurements app to Mi body scales, Google fit and samsung health also. That would be awesome! It’s anoying to copy paste every data (weight, muscle mass, IMC, fat %…)…

  2. On tab “historical”, allow the possibility to filter similar measurements under the same title (that could be expanded when clicked). Like this: all neck measurements goes under only one “Neck (+)” title, that could show all neck measurements data when clicked the + sign. That would make the tab more clean. Another possibility would be to put the image of a body shape on the tab, where we could click and access the historical data of that body part (even nicer than plain text).

  3. On the tab “statistics”, please allow us to select multiple measurements, in order to compare their simultaneous improvements on the same graphic (ie: chest x biceps x hips graphic) .

  4. On tab “statistics”, allow us to switch among measurements (biceps, chest etc) by simple swipping the screen. The same idea applies for “indexes/indicators” tab. It would be much easier than go for it in the drop down menu.

  5. On “statistics” graphics, it would be awesome to see the target/objective pointed out on the graphic of that body part, for us to easely see how we are going forward or away the targets we set on “targets/objectives” tab.

  6. It would be awesome if we could select specific icons for each of our measurements, not only colors. That would make the app more user friendly.

  7. It would be very good if we could “hide” some measurements that we do not intend use, from the original “measurements” list.

  8. Create the possibility to add followers to our account (like my personal trainer), or the possibility to export /share data with them.

Thanks guys! Keep doing the great job.


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I totally agree with suggestions 1, 3 and 4.

Swipe is really a must and simplifies the interaction.

Also give an option to export in csv format all the data in order to analyze and import in excel or open office.

Yes. Especially number 3.