Bug - Can't disable alarm


If an alarm goes and is not seen on display. It’s NOT possible to disable it. I have to restart the phone. This problem have been for maybe 7-8 weeks or longer.

It’s annoying.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android 9 and your latest firmware.

My Android account is:

If it’s not fixed I will have to use another app instead.

Best regards

Hi. Could you please mail me at caynax@gmail.com for older app version until I resolve that?

I have the same phone, and this happens to me if I accidentally hit the back button. The alarm will disappear from display, but continue going off. It doesnt show up on the top menu bar, and you cant disable it from the app itself. The only way to stop it is by restarting the phone.

Thank you about BACK button information. Did notification about ongoing alarm also disappeared from notifications view but alarm continue playing?