Bug of "Repeat Workout"

The option of “Repeat Workout” is limited to 10. While we only can pick as far as 5. More than 5 and it will state us as invalid value. Please fix this. In cardio I need 7-9 repetition of each stage. Thanks

Hi. Sorry for late response.
10 in PRO version, 5 in free version. Which version do you use?

I’m in pro version. We can pick the option to 10, but can’t proceed to agree, can’t do the training if it’s more than 5 “repeat workout”.

After editing to more than 5 repeat workout, we can tap “ok” button. But then can’t proceed when tapping the tick button in upper right to save workout.

The one I use for reporting caynax is my other email. Somehow this account which being used to submit the report.

OK. I see, it doesn’t allow to save as it thinks that this value is out of range.
Please mail me for fixed app version at caynax@gmail.com

I don’t think I can make a fixed application of caynax…I’m not a professional program developer

No - I meant that I will prepare a version for you that contains a fix :).