Can't save edited or copied alarm when changing only time & Message

I just purchased the PRO version and want to EDIT the alarm and just change the message and time then save it. (Say to alarm again in 2hrs time). The save CHECK is not shown. Only when I change the date to a future day (ie not today).

Any idea how to just change time and message only and then save again to make the alarm active for today.

The same issue happens when I COPY an alarm and want to set it again for today. The save check is only shown when a future date is selected.

Hope you can help.

Hi. Which alarm type do you use?

Sorry. I use the ANY alarm type because I want to choose a date for the first alarm and then change just the time when I edit it.


You want to set again alarm that has already been ended - app no longer remembers dates/days for alarms that ended. That’s why you have to provide date again.

If it did remember that and you tried to click “SAVE” on that alarm then it would be scheduled for date that already passed and you would see message to “fix time value” (for example 2 hour ahead form “now”).
I’ve decided to clear all alarm dates as soon as they were passed.

I guess you simply want to re-use that alarm. Maybe you should try “quick” alarm type that doesn’t have these limitations. It can be one time only within week period. Uncheck “Delete after dismiss”.