Can't select 7/2/2024 for measurement date


I can’t seem to pick yesterday for an entry I forgot to record until today…

When I put it in, I selected 7/2/2024 as the date, but noticed that when I saved it, it saved with 7/1/2024, which was weird, but figured I’d just update it

Here is the entry as is:

I click on the date field and switch it to 7/2/2024 and the blue circle moves to the correct date:
(I tried too upload a picture, but it says I can only do one per post, so I’ll try to add it to a comment inside this post)

Then I click on the Ok button and the date remains 7/1/2024:
(Again I’ll try to attach the photo to another comment)

Am I doing something wrong?

Here is the 2nd image I wanted to attach to the post.

And the 3rd image I tried to attach

Hi. Any chance you can record your device screen with that issue and mail it to us?
We have checked it but it was working fine.
There must be something else that we are missing.