Detect when I've slept through my alarm

Sometimes I sleep through my Alarm. Sometimes in my half-sleep I dismiss the alarm when I should snooze it. I think an alarm clock could deal with this better.

I love Caynax Alarm Clock’s ability to set up alarms on a cycle that isn’t weekly, so I’d much rather see this added by caynax than try to find another alarm app that does it.

Phones have much more sophisticated sensors than traditional alarm clocks. I have an app that can detect my sleep phases with my phone on my mattress by picking up my breathing patterns from slight movements of the phone. It seems simple enough for my alarm clock to check if I’m moving my phone around with me like I would after waking up.

I want to be able to turn off the alarm quickly as usual, but for the phone to then monitor movement, and return after a few minutes (like snooze) unless the phone’s movement suggests I’ve actually gotten up and am carrying it around or perhaps I’m still in bed but using the phone for more than a few minutes.

This would go off again unnecessarily if I got up but left my phone lying where I was sleeping. I’m OK with that - it’s even somewhat useful for not forgetting my phone in the morning.

This needs to be configurable for the particular alarm, since not every alarm is about waking up.

Like you said there are apps that were created for sleep monitoring and for such smart features.
Unfortunately I’m not going to go that direction and I will focus mainly on alarm creation and configuration possibilities.