Documentation + alarm date

  1. Where is documentation/manual of the Caynax Alarm Clock?

  2. I have paid for the Caynax Alarm Clock. How do I know if I have the pro version?

  3. How do I set up alarm for a specific date? Next Monday I have appointment with a cardiologist. It seems that I can only set alarm for today.


  1. There is none.
  2. It depends whether you have standalone PRO app version (added PRO keyboard in app name) or purchased subscription (you can check it inside app “Get PRO” section view or in Google Play app “Subscriptions” page).
  3. If it’s within one week period you can use quick alarm (first on top from the list) or you can use any alarm type (last on list) where you can select any days from the calendar.

This is huge problem! We are running around like headless chickens because the Caynax Alarm Clock is not documented.

I have just discovered and downloaded free version of DigiCal program. It is easier to use than the Caynax because it has better user interface and online documentation. (By the way, I live in Poland and I speak fluent Polish.)

Thank you for suggestion. I see that that app is calendar app while mine is more like “more advanced then stock alarm clock” app.

I have found bug in Any Alarms. When it plays default notification sound, the sound is very quiet. When default notification sound is changed, either it plays two sounds (quiet default and normal sound) or normal sound.