Downloaded maps no longer working

I have for a long time used Sports Tracker for cycling with an offline Google map of the area with no issues.
In the current version it no longer works sadly. It shows a message line ‘map offline’ on the display and if I go off the map currently cached to screen there is nothing.

I updated maps and re loaded the map of the area. I even thought maybe the very old phone I used as a bike computer was now too old so I moved onto a spare Samsung S7 but its still the same.
I particularly use sports tracker for this ability as I can have mobile data off and use a cheap SIM for emergency calls only.
The app seems to only be fetching maps data direct from the net now and ignoring offline maps.

I since tried putting offline open maps on too but setting the app to openmaps it still only uses online maps

For now I have added a minimal data bundle onto the SIM in my ‘bike phone’ as data use on maps is pretty low, 17MB last bike ride.

Hi. None off maps supported in app provide option to download offline data. When you browse some area then maps cache/remember that data for a while but maps are external provider so app doesn’t have much control there.