Exportation tracé GPX

It is impossible to export my course. Ni Facebook. Neither in GPX, or in TCX. He does not create file of export

A .jpg file is made with statistics and map.

Me too having same issue

Sorry. Not found. sorry

I will check it. I see that local storage also generates problems.

It’s very frustrating !

Do all of you who have problems use dual-sim device?

I do not use Dual - sim. I have a file créeé Export in com.caynax, sportrack. The file remains empty. I use Huawei y5 lite

With Sony experia XZ2 android- phone, exporting solved:

Export solved partially:
NO: Sport tracker don´t save export to a new adress in memory card (SD).
export did not happen.

YES: But in internal memory exporting goes okay, I tested both GPX and TCX modes.

  1. First I create a new path to the phone’s own memory under caynax-path
    with the caynax-programs own export funtion.
    for example: caynax \SportsTracker \export_mynewpath

  2. Next I click the export button and it’s there.

  3. Finally (if needed) I can copy or move the file to the SD-card to my special
    path. In the phone I use for copy/move a file-manager program
    (today I tested with File Manager +,)

  4. I can move the files to PC with usb-cable. in PC it’s nice to look my sports routes.
    I opened the moved file with GPXsee.
    (a free pc-program in www.GPXsee.org )
    Have nice times with sporting and with caynax tracker information.
    I will go skiing today…