Google Drive issues

I just got my Pro subscription and suddenly I can’t do any kind of backups to Google Drive, not settings, alarm lists, etc. I’ve been trying for over 12 hours.

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Sometimes there are Google Services problems and they usually resolve itself after some time.

I still can’t connect to Google Drive on my phone. I have tried repeatedly since writing and I just get the swirly circle thing. Is it my phone that’s the problem? I have the same app on my Fire HD 10 and I can connect without any problem.

I’m wanting to sync them, but I can’t unless I can backup my alarms list from my phone.

Should I uninstall and reinstall?

I have the same problem, and on two smartphones.
I’ve already reinstalled Caynax, Google, Google Drive. And finally, I returned the smartphone to the factory default, and the problem continues!
In other words, the problem as I understand it is in Caynax.