Google Drive Sync Verification

I have enabled Google Drive Sync on the app, but I do not see any folders in my Google Drive that show the backup data from this app. Where is it stored and how can I verify that my workouts are being backed up?

You can’t view content of that folder:

“The application data folder is a special hidden folder that your app can use to store application-specific data, such as configuration files. The application data folder is automatically created when you attempt to create a file in it. Use this folder to store any files that the user shouldn’t directly interact with. This folder is only accessible by your application and its contents are hidden from the user and from other Drive apps.”

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Thank you for the quick answer. It says on that page that it will delete the data folder if the app is uninstalled. So it seems like you could lose all of your data if you ever have to reset your phone or reinstall the app for some reason. How can I back up my workout data on my own? For example on my computer, storage media, etc.

No. You will lose data if you delete “app from Google Drive” - not from device.

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Thank you. Another related question - I imported my Endomondo data from the zip file, which worked. Now when I try to access Workout History, Statistics, or Places the screen shows “Synchronizing data with Google Drive” and it’s seemingly endless. It has been about 12 hours since importing and it still shows this. How long will this take? I have about 7 years worth of data from Endomondo.

Okay, it finally synched. It took 24 hours give or take. I will miss Endomondo, but this app is amazing! I hope someday you will have an iOS version.