Gps doesn't work when walking

Hi! The GPS of my phone works perfectly with other apps. Not with this one. It tells me to change the settings of the battery saving config. But it keeps on failing and a red line saying FIX appears in the screen. It doesn’t record my routes at all. How do I fix it? Thanks!

Screenshot_20210604-201301_Caynax Sports Tracker|225x500

Hi. What device do you use?

Hi!, My phone is a Samsung A51 in Argentina. Thanks for your help!! (I deleted the app, uploaded again; reset my phone, and nothing made it work again). It only shows me the time but always 0km. It recognizes where I am at the moment but not the routes when I’m training. Thank you!!

I get the same screen. I then hit FIX, followed by CLOSE, I then hit the Start button - the Green area at the bottom of the screen. The app then starts a visual count down - which is normally out of sync with the spoken count down. Once the countdown finishes the app shows the timer increasing etc…

If you still see red warning then that means that you didn’t turn off Android standard battery optimizations.

Beside that Samsung doesn’t gave option to completely turn off device battery settings but has option to set them to lowest possible value.