Hybrid Units Request

Hi. I’ve been using Sports Tracker for a few years now and find it does everything I want. Only one thing would make it better for me using it in the UK. Most of us below the age of 60 use the metric system for everything except distance as all of our road signs are in miles. If I want to see my distance in miles and my speed in miles per hour, I have to look at everything else in imperial units. This might be ok for users in the US but we’re less familiar with feet, lbs and yards in UK and would prefer metres for elevation and height, kg for weight.
I can’t be the only one who would like more choice than metric or imperial.

OK. So you would like to see such improvement:
instead of metric or imperial used for everything give option to choose:

  • distance and speed (min, max, average) - choose imperial/metric
  • elevation - choose imperial/metric

Yes. That’s the option that would make me happy and let me see all the workout details in units I understand.
In user profile, you also enter weight and height but you only do it one time and it’s easy to switch units for this.