Is this recxording just a blip?

I was out walking yesterday and covered the same route as the previous day (not a norm - i.e. don’t often compare daily stats)

Yesterday HISTORY recorded
11th March 2024, Distance 7.22 miles, Duration 2:15:40, Calories 789
The previous day HISTORY recorded
10th March 2024, Distance 6.77 miles, Duration 2:15:00, Calories 779

Weird - same walk, almost same time and almost same calories but huge difference in distance covered.

Any thoughts, ideas anyone?
Always been pleased with this app but can’t help wondering how accurate are all details
[I suspect the shorted distance is closer to being correct - my average speed seemed closer to my norm]

Hi. You can mail me STX files for those activities at to check.

You can also go to “About app” section and turn on “Enable logging” so next time there will be more precise logs available - exactly what was returned by GPS.

Many thanks for your response.
Will forward the STX for these date to you