Issues with the new version

I got a new phone and was reinstalling everything…
I wasn’t sure why I had to pay again to upgrade to pro?? Just because it was V2.since the old version has been depreciated but oh well. However v2 is broken for Android 11. The time and speech sound simultaneously.

If I reinstall 10 Pro ( Android 6+) it works flawlessly. I am even using the same definition (backup / restore).

Hi. These are exactly the same apps beside so called Android package name - v2 adds “alarmclock” keyword and thus some device manufacturers like Oppo or Huawei doesn’t activate battery optimizations for this app.

Mail me at for promotional code for v2 version.
Make sure you turn off all battery optimizations for v2 too.

Ok. Done Thankyou. I don’t know if you saw the.bug report. I included that in message.