It WAS a GOOD app!

Well, about a year ago I found this app that did everything I needed. I did rate it 5 stars on Google Play. I was really satisfied. I wrote to developers: DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE!
Then I had to reinstall my mobile. Installed the app again being very afraid that my workouts wouldn’t be there, AND to my surprise, EVERYTHING was there! EVERY single workout.
In a couple of months, I changed my mobile. Installed the app, AND everything was in the place. I was so happy!
Guess what the developer did?! MADE IT WORSE!
A week or two ago my app started to partly miss my workouts… I’m a rollerblade runner and do not have time to stop and check wherever the app works. I know exactly my distance. But finally, at home, I discover that only half of my running was recorded.
I thought it was some temporary glitch… but it was the same day after day… really irritating.
Then I decided to REINSTALL it! I wasn’t afraid that my history would disappear.
When the app was installed, I discovered an EMPTY list in my history! DAMN! I was sure that it would sync with Google and all of my workouts would be back!
Sadly enough!
It is time to search for a new app!
Of course, if the developer replies to my topic and explains how to do it - I will consider staying with this app.
For now - adiós!

Hi, did you backup all your workouts to Google Drive? There is an option for that in this app.

Hello. Several changes of the phone? So it is always risk about good settings. Incomplete track can be a sign of some battery saving settings or restriction to the app.
Workouts can be backed up to Google drive. You can find your Caynax files on G.Drive from your PC there. Also it should be checked if your Google Drive is not full.

IF I did?! Maan… of course! Skip every basic troubleshooting…

I wish the developer takes a look at this post and implements “automatic backup”. It means that you have to login to Google when you first start your app, and then you don’t have to think about it - it just making backups…