Last try please reply

I’ve been using sports tracker for years and loved it. This year I have an LG 7 and the app is not working properly. It is completely messed up my spring training because the GPS constantly drops. I have everything maximized that I can think of plus I reboot the phone every time I start out. It just keeps dropping the signal 99% of the time. I brought the phone into T-Mobile they said there’s nothing wrong with it. Please advise or I’m going to have to move on and I really don’t want to do that. Thanks, John

Hi. Please try changing GPS permission to “Always allow”. Some device manufacturers wrongly interpret mode “Allow only while using app” (especially Samsung after last updates). When you minimize app or turn off device screen they think that you are no longer using application.

Inside app settings you can also try changing location provider to “Location API” only.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence or since the last reported issues about the GPS signal.

What I did is locking the app (Lock icon on the bottom left side of the app) while using it. Apparently the lock prevents the system from stopping or suspending the app. Although it is annoying every time you need to unlock it when stopping or pausing the app. But hey, I have no GPS issue since.