Migrate to new phone

I just got a new device. How do I transfer my data from my old one? So far when I open the program it sees me as a new user…

On older device go to app settings and click on “Backup data” - please grant application “Storage” permission to do this. Data will be saved on “storage\Caynax\DailyMeasurements”.
On new device if you didn’t save any data yet then do the same - backup data = it will create necessary folders for you. Otherwise create them manually. Copy files from old phone to new one - to the same “storage\Caynax\DailyMeasurements” location. Then click on “Restore” on new device.

I will try to add GoogleDrive support to make it easier for next time.

Please, Google Drive Support. I have been migrate to new device and lost any data for half year… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: