Missed alarms on Caynax alarm app

I haven’t figured out any trend that would explain under what conditions an alarm might be “missed.” As far as I know, all my alarms should automatically snooze if I’m not able to get to the phone before the alarm stops going. My alarms USUALLY do snooze automatically, but every once in a while, an alarm is “missed” rather than automatically snoozing. I can’t figure out why… Can you offer possible a explanation so that I can figure it out? If I know why it happens, maybe I can avoid it.

Usually missed alarm is alarm that was not dismissed (alarm without snoozes) or alarm that could be snoozed and wasn’t dismissed after last snooze.
It could be also alarm that is way beyond set time and didn’t fire at all - i.e. turned off phone for half a day when alarm was scheduled to start. Also alarm not started because some device aggressive battery optimizations didn’t allow it to start and “killed” the app so next time you open app you see such information.

I don’t think any of these are the case. I observed for a few days. I never turn my phone off. I have my alarms set for 100 snoozes, and I have the default action set to automatically snooze if I don’t get to the phone in time when an alarm is going on. I don’t see any indication that the battery is an issue.

After observing for a while, I now think it happens when I snoozed an alarm and it goes off at the same time my next alarm is set to go off.

If alarm wants to start and another alarm already runs then alarm is snoozed with the snooze time that was set for that alarm. If it happens like that for alarm and left set snooze count ends then alarm is marked as missed.

It just happened again. I checked and the alarm that wanted to go off was set for a 15 minute snooze with a snooze count of 100 times. It was set for 11:00 and was missed. At 11:05 it said the alarm was missed, which is BEFORE 15 minutes had passed.

Also, I dismissed the 11:00 alarm that DID go off, so there was not a conflict with snoozes.

I have had other alarms missed since your reply, but this was the first time that I noticed it quickly enough to figure out these details.