Missed or wrong time alarms

Recently I’ve had an increase in alarms either going off at the wrong time (all early gonna memory), showing as missed when there’s no obvious reason they wouldn’t trigger, or dismiss settings ending too soon. I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s happened very sporadically on different phones for years (like one or twice a year so never thought too much of it). It’s never been as frequent as the last few weeks though.

I attached a few screenshots as examples from today:

  • In one you’ll see it went off 25 minutes early. I snoozed it to try to push it into the correct window.
  • When the snooze triggered (the correct number of minutes later), the snooze options ended even though it had not snoozed enough times (should have been 5 more).

It’s very strange and I’m not sure why it’s happening frequently. I’ve seen other posts in the forum and I’m most cases you seem to give a generic response of things like the phone was off or the timezone changed, etc. So far I feel confident it’s not any of that from what I’ve seen so I’m hoping you can tell me how to collect some detailed logs to try to determine a root cause.

It wouldn’t let me attach multiple pictures. Let me know if you want the others.

Please go to “About app” section and turn on “Enable legging” and next time it happens (as soon as possible as logs are overwritten) mail me these logs using “Contact” option in “About app” view.

I’m experiencing the same thing. Alarms going off at nowhere near the right time. These alarms are NOT snoozed. They’re going off about 12 hours early. I haven’t noted whether they’re exactly 12 hours. I don’t believe so. I think it’s inconsistent - not the same amount of time “off” but I haven’t paid enough attention to say that for sure.