Multiple sets of alarms per user account

To: Caynax Developers

I’d like to import/merge my Caynax alarms from one phone into another phone. Is there a way to have multiple sets of alarms per user account and then switch between different sets of alarms? This seems far fetched but just might solve my having to use two separate phones.

Thank you for considering my request

This is an option that would be very useful but as far as i know is not available.
I have 2 sets of alarms and i made archives of them in 2 different folders (named properly). When i have to switch to the alternative set of alarms i just copy its archive in the folder where Caynax keeps archived alarms, remove all the alarms from the application and then recover my archive. Probably it sounds too complicated but i use it for years, hoping that some day there will be a better method.

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