New user suggestions

The blue indicators screen with white, small, narrow font letters is hard to read when not cycling and impossible to read while riding. I want to be able to glance down to check speed, distance or duration while riding. Please change this screen to a white or light gray background and black letters in a larger, bolder font size.

Why when not moving, does the map move around constantly - this is just annoying.

Why do I have to lock the screen to keep the indicators screen expanded when I pull it down? This makes for lots of unnecessary additional clicks.

I purchased the app to replace Endomondo which is being retired. With my suggested improvements this app can be just as good as Endomondo. I am willing to contribute more $$ if you’re willing to invest in improvements

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I also bought an app to replace Endomondo. Your comments are very accurate. I hope this application will continue to develop and you will be able to use it for a long time without fear that it will also disappear.

I am hoping other users register this complaint as well. The developer communicated that his priority was in getting the Endomondo data upload working. I would think make the font black, larger and a bit bolder would be relatively easy (I have done some systems development in the past). In the meantime, I have uninstalled this app and am using Zeopoxa. It’s a one activity app (i.e. you need one app for each time of activity), which is not ideal and not quite as robust as Caynax, but at least I can read the screen.