Option to change +/- colours

There should be an option to change the colours for gaining/losing weight etc in the app. I’m trying to lose weight but it shows losing weight (-0.5kg) in red and gaining weight in green!
Would love a simple switch to set “values getting smaller” as green.

Right. Thank you for suggestions.
It all depends whether you want to gain or lose weight - more people usually want to lose it :).

I agree that most people want to lose weight. I myself am trying to lose weight (as I mentioned in my post).
The problem is that the app shows weight gain in green (as in: a good thing) and weight loss as red (as in: a bad thing)
What I am suggesting is an option to switch these colours so that these “more people” on your app can have weight loss set to be good (green) and gain as bad (red).

Sorry if I wasn’t clear :):).