Photo in workouts

Hi, can I see photos in workouts or ONLY in local folder?

Hi. What app do you have in mind?

I have got app.Caynax Sports Tracker

I’m not sure I fully understand but you can see taken photos in “Places” view and in activity history when you finish your activity.

I will try to explain. I do an activity and take photos during it, then save the activity. The photos are in the Picture / CaynaxSports / Tracker directory and I will see them in Places. But when I look at the history of this exercise, I see statistics, a map, a split time, a graph in the details of the exercise, but I don’t see photos from this exercise. Shouldn’t that make it possible? Otherwise the app is great !!!

Photos aren’t available as separate tab but as small pin on map - clicking on it shows photo.

Thanks for the very good tip. I gave 5 stars