Pixel 6 Pro shows no settings menus/stuck in Lanscape

This is the Pro v2 and on my Pixel 6 Pro the utility is stuck in landscape orientation.

I only wanted one Chime build for the whole week, so I deleted the two native ones and tried to build my own. There were only two fields I could see:

  1. Name the new Chime
  2. Select days of the week.

Literally nothing else showed up on on the app. Settings button for the utility were correct in taking me to the battery optimizations and phone state selections, etc.



So I just received my new Google Pixel 8 Pro, and this time I didn’t delete the two native chime groups. Same thing-allows you to create a new chime group, name it, and set days of the week with no other options, just lots of blank page.
Going to one of the native chime groups however, shows everything that should be there on the screen, just as they examples show on the Google Store page.

Workaround: If you experience a similar issue, uninstall and reinstall the app, then edit the existing two native chime groups (Weekend and Workday) to your needs, until (hopefully) the devs take a look at this and figure out what the coding issue is that is causing this on the Pixel, or any other phone that might be experiencing this problem.

Hi. Thanks for report. App supports only “portrait” orientation but it doesn’t force it. I will change it.