Small feature request, time on dashboard

I am a big fan of the app and have used it for years for tracking my cycling.

I like that you can choose what values you want displayed on the dashboard in big numbers, great for cycling where the phone is some distance away from your eyes in a handlebar holder.

Could you add the time (clock) to the choice list please? it would be useful to keep an eye on the time and see when to turn back and pace to get back on time when necessary.

Thank you.

OK, but not in next update. Without seconds should be enough?

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yes absolutely, just hrs & mins - would be then able to make ideal dashboard, speed, distance, clock + 1 other like calories or pace, still have some good map screen space… perfect.

Thanks that would be great.


Would it be possible to have the option to tell what time it is vocally as well?

Thanks in advance :smiley: