Some problems in the app

I would like to report some events that happened to me when using your application:
I have been training at the normal level. However, I decided to create a custom level just to test some settings that I wanted to change in normal level training. However, after I created the custom level, the training I initially set to normal has changed to the custom one I created and I can’t change to the normal level as it was before.

Another problem I encountered during testing the custom level is that if I start a workout and then decide to quit that workout midway through when I get back to the main page, the top bar disappears and no other menu options can be accessed. I have to restart the application to access the other options.

I want to thank you for this application as it helps motivate you to do situps intensely! Unfortunately, Caynax ABS II is not as complete in functionalities as the 1st. It would be good if you combined the two applications and created one with the various abdominal exercises. The truth is that you are already doing this with Caynax Home Workouts, but the problem is that you don’t have the exercises you can find in the other two applications. It was also good that we could create our exercises by defining only the repetition and pause times, of course without graphic demonstration of the exercise because it is an exercise created by us.

thank you very much.