Some suggestions


Please find below some suggestions for further app developement.

  1. Consider please using of average values of position data from short intervals of time instead of instantaneous values given by GPS. It should smoothen speed charts and cut off short artificial peaks of speed caused by poor GPS signal. It should also give better total distance and average speed values.
  2. Because absolute and differential values of altitude given by GPS are burdened with greatest inaccuracy, I suggest to try to get for every position given by GPS, altitude values from maps ( I belive it could be easy taken for example from google maps). It should give real total uphil, downhill and max altitude values so important.
  3. Please add cadency values (so important for runners), also in time splits.
  4. Please consider of app cooperation with bluetooth pulsometers. Heart rate data gives most accurate values of burnt fat and calories and gives lot of informations about training intensity. Combining it with data which app already garther, it gives also information about running or cycling efficiency what is one of the most important information in training. (I have never find it in other similar apps so I think that it can get your app into higher level)


I would like to see an audio metronome, so I can set a pace I want to achieve