SOS...GPS issues in every workout

I’m at my wit’s end. I race kayaks and rely on my results as a measure of how good I’m doing in my training. This year GPS is dropping every single time I go out. Tonight I paddled 14 miles and GPS only picked up for of it and said I was going 490 miles an hour at one point. The problem is I think I had a personal-best tonight and now I’ll never know. I locked the app after starting it. It’s not helping. I like the app and have all of my workouts on it from 2019 so I don’t want to drop it but I’m going to be forced to soon. I have not look for any patches since I originally installed it in 2019. Is it worth downloading again? I even took my phone to T-Mobile to see if they could maximize GPS and they said everything was operating fine. Please advise as soon as possible. Thanks, John

by the way it shows in the elapsed time for tonight’s workout would that at least be accurate? Thanks

I also found the GPS tracking is not that reliable in the app, although I am not sure if it is the app issue or the device itself. When I used the app during the 2020-2021, I normally got the GPS signal lost notification when I got under a tunnel or underpass. Now I don’t get the same warning anymore, and in some cases, I lost the signal in the open sky. It is kind of annoying because after 10km getting home, you found the app was not recording the trip.

One way I find that works around the issue is turning on your phone occasionally when the phone shut down automatically.

@Surfhead and @Peugeot What device do you use?

I am using a huawei nova 4 and the GPS signal loss do not happen all the time, and for me, it occurred once every few weeks. I must stress that my bike run is between 35-45 km (around 2-3 hours) per day, so I assume the margin of error is quite high.

Caynax app does not require user to grant “Constant GPS” permission but only “While using application”. Samsung devices have problems with properly interpreting second behavior and switching to “Always allow” mostly fixes GPS issue. Please also try for yourself.

Please also verify Huawei integration.

I’m using an LG 7. I’ve been running Strava in the background once in awhile and it does not lose GPS. Caynax is killing me. Yesterday it dropped GPS as usual but also dropped half of the route. The only way I can occasionally get it to work is to restart the phone right before I workout. I never used to have to do any of this. Any thoughts? I also lock the app when it’s being used.

Please try changing GPS permission to “Always allow”. Some device manufacturers wrongly interpret mode “Allow only while using app”. When you minimize app or turn off device screen they think that you are no longer using application.