Speed measurement filter


Would it be possible to implement filter for Sport Tracker speed measurement? At least for me the measured value seems really unstable (most probably due to GPS un-accuracy between the consecutive GPS points) which causes the speed calculation to vary quite a lot.
I have seen filter functionality in some sport tracker applications where user can set the level of filtering. I don’t know whether it’s some lag-type or moving average -type filter but I believe e.g. moving average for speed over last 2-10 tracking points would make the trick

Thank you for nice application, hope to get it even better :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that GPS sometimes reports strange things especially when it comes to max speed. The thing is that we/app really don’t know whether it is just GPS wrongly reporting or is it you who just got onto (motor)bike or some other faster transportation form.

On newer Android version there is one additional “quality” info filed that we will take into consideration in future app versions. On the other hand. We’ve seen data that theoretically had very high GPS quality but in reality it was really bad and on the other hand reverse situation.