Spoken messages

In the spoken messages could you add the time of day to the options? When walking, i sometimes need to know when to turn around to get back to my work or get back to my place to meet someone.

So in addition to listing:
could you add an option for time of day to the list so I can “Hear” the actual time and plan the remainder of my time accordingly.


Wes C

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So just actual time when rest of the parameters are being spoken?

Yes, when the rest of them are being spoken. Or, possibly make it so that we can have whatever we want spoken. Make it completely flexible as to what we hear.

I find that when the data begins to be spoken, it takes me a second or two to tune in and “hear” what it is saying. So, I often miss the first part of the message data. If there were a 'warm up message such as “Here is an update of your progress” at the beginning, I would then be tuned in to hearing the start of the actual data being presented to me.

Thanks for your app.

Thank you…thank you…thank you! I love hearing the current time!!