Step counter isn't working

The step counter was working fine on the app 3 days ago. Now its not working at all. Is there anyway to reset it? My phones a huwaei p40 5G .

Any help would be appreciated.


App update will be needed. Please give me some time to investigate it.

Mine was working in the past - I’ve used the tracker for 3 or 4 months and like it. Then all of a sudden, steps stopped appearing. If you click on the “!” it says steps depend on many factors. Love the app. Want it to work.

Looking back through my history, it looks like steps quit working Oct. 14, 2020. Worked Oct. 13.

This is issue with proper Android 10 support. It is already fix. I’m sorry for it taking so long to release update but I want to add to it option to import data from Endomondo.

The step counter is working again. Thanks!