Suggestion: add support for "LED Blinker"

Is it possible to add support for the “Led Blinker” application in Alarm Clock?
The idea is for Led Blinker to notify with a diode on a locked phone when the alarm has not been read and AUTOMATICALLY goes into snooze. IMO, the easiest way to do this is to have the Alarm Clock application leave a notification on the notification list in such a case (as happens when alarms are missed and e.g. when we don’t read the text messages), then the LED Blinker will detect that notification and turn on the LED. After the user reads the alarm, the notification from the list should disappear, as in the case of reading an overdue text message.

Regards, P.

Unfortunately I’m not planning support for external apps - not even Google Calendar.

Hmm, although maybe you could program the app to leave a notification on the notification list ONLY in case the alarm AUTOMATICALLY goes to snooze without user reaction? In that case I would see the icon on the locked screen in Always On Display mode when I didn’t hear the sound alarm. This is a little thing but it improve app functionality!
Regards, PG