Sunrise/Sunset not working

Cannot save settings without also setting at least one specific hour. This causes unwanted alarm at that hour, requiring manual reset at least once per day.Faulty program logic.I am on an LG6 with Android 8.0.0.

Let me see it I got that right.
You use alarm based on one of sunrise/sunset options. You can’t modify any other setting because “save tick-mark” doesn’t show unless you change hour?

  1. I select Sunrise/Sunset option. OK.
  2. Set local Gps co-ordinates. OK
  3. Click on Save tick mark, but app sends message "hours not set. "
  4. Must set at least one hour in the hours range.
  5. Can now save these settings, BUT
  6. After sunrise or sunset alarm goes off the setti ng reverts to the hour set in the hour range, causi g an unwanted alarm at that hour.
  7. The app should retrieve the next day’s sun times, but does not. The app must be manually reset at least once per day, making it not useful.