Synchronization failed. Check internet connection

It seems like Google Drive sync does not work anymore. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled. Now it will not restore my workouts. It seems like all of them have been lost. I keep getting “synchronization failed. Check internet connection.” Pretty disappointed. This is the only app that is as good as Endomondo.

Please try going to apps list. Click on “Clear data” for:

  1. Google Play Services (uninstall updates if available)
  2. Google Play (Store)
  3. Google Drive - you can also uninstall updates here.

Restart device. Enable Internet connection and open Play Store app. Update Google Drive app. In the background Google Play Services might update itself so please give it some time.
After some time check Caynax app.

I did this. On the bottom of the Caynax app it says “data has been synchronized” however when I go to workout history, there is no data. All of my workouts are gone forever and now I cannot tell how much mileage I have done this year, among other things. This app is not backing up the data.

Could you please check date range filter? Some users already had problem with that.
Ps. Do you use latest app version.

Date Range is selected “All”. Activity type is set to “All activities.” App version is 3.1.2.

Just to test it, I installed Caynax on my Android tablet and I did a test workout on my phone and synced it to Google Drive. It did not show up on the tablet, even after syncing. The only thing that seems to be backed up to Google Drive is the User Profile information (weight, height, etc.). I am going to use another app. This is too frustrating. I do not want to lose any more workout data! It’s too bad because this app has the best UI, features, and accuracy of any fitness app, but without the ability to backup your workouts it does not matter.

Please mail me at Maybe there is some Google Drive issue like lack of free space.