The alarm does not turn on the screen even though it is set to ON

the alarm does not turn on the screen even though it is set to ON

Hi. What device and Android version do you use?

My device Samsung Galaxy S 10 +
Android version 9

In 9.6 app version I will do small change. Please let me know if it worked when you do app update.

I just did small change but to test it in 9.6 app version you will need to use “1,2 3,” alarm dismiss option as I didn’t want to make that change for everyone.

The same here!
Samsung galaxy S9
Android version 9

Had that problem about one year ago, but I can not remember what I’ve done to fix it.

1,2,3 does not work for me

Hi. Do you already own 9.6 app version? Not every user so far has access to it.
In 9.6 app version please check it with “1, 2, 3” alarm type.

Yes I have the 9.6 pro version.
Even with the 1.2.3. I have to unlock my phone before I can quit the alarm

How do I get version 9.6 pro so I can try it out
Peter Skumme

Hi Carnax
It didn’t help with the new update (9.6)
The screen does not turn on at alms. Only by manual operation. Is it something that is being checked?
Greetings Peter Skumme

My device Samsung Galaxy S 10 + Android version 9

I will need to buy some “latest” Samsung device to test it as my “newest” Samsung device is running on Android 7. In the meantime could you please check if there is anything inside app settings (when you find app on device application list) that might need to be turned on? With each update device manufacturers add their own battery optimization settings that most users aren’t aware of.

I’m also having this problem. The alarm didn’t turn on at predetemined time. What will be the cause?
My phone is Redmi Note 9S

On Xiaomi devices there used to be “hidden” option to toggle inside so called “Developer options” that changed that behavior. Unfortunately on newer Xiaomi devices I don’t see it available.

When the alarm turned on, there is no indication where to turn it off. I have to switch to the Caynax app to turn it off. Is there a short cut to turn the alarm off?

There should be notification posted and clicking on it should show alarm view. That notification should be always visible as long as alarm plays.