The paused activity

The paused activity resumes itself.

When I interrupt the activity, lock the buttons and turn off the GPS, the activity resumes itself within the hour and the time starts to run.

What should I do so that the paused activity does not resume on its own until I start it manually when I start resuming the workout

Hi. This is really interesting report that won’t be that easy to reproduce.
Ps. Why do you do such long break?

Ps.2 What device do you use?

I drive to work in the morning and another way from work in the afternoon and I would like to have the whole ride recorded together and not 2x (Garmin connect it can) I use Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Yes, I have seen this behaviour of the program many times. When the GPS signal is bad, or it is turned off, or the program was minimized and faded into the background, although all possible settings are configured according to the recommendations.
I have a Xiaomi Redmi 6.

OK. One problem was fixed in next release. When you paused app for long time then device could “kill” application process. App then detected that it was killed and resumed working - while it didn’t previously checked that it was paused before.

We will try to add option to join/continue activities in future releases.