The problem with backing up to Google drive

For a long time (about a year), backup and restore of alarms from Google Drive has not worked. Shows loading, but nothing happens.
Also, for a long time (several years) there has been a problem with restoring alarms, both from Google Drive and from a file on the SD card, it gives an error.

Which app version do you use? It should already be resolved in 9.8+.

I am using the latest version available in the Play Market (at the moment it is 10 Pro), and the error has not been fixed, it just changed, here is the error text (since it is not possible to attach a screenshot of the error in the response): "A data connection is required to connect to Google Play services ". Also found an error with skipping a cyclic alarm, for this error you need to create a separate topic or can I write about it here?

You should be able to attach screenshot here. Looks like connection issue when it comes to Google Drive.

What is problem with skipping cyclic alarm?

Unfortunately, I can’t attach a screenshot, earlier (more than a year ago) everything worked fine, then, after the update, the alarm clock asked for access to the google drive, after which the “endless download” (connection circle) began, and after the last update, this error began to be displayed (I wrote the error text above).
As for the error of cyclic alarms, there are 2: 1 - if you click on the next signal in the application, the skip icon appears, but it is not skipped, but remains unchanged, 2 - for EVERY change in the cyclic alarm, you need to re-indicate the days of the signal, earlier (before the last update) there were no such errors.
P.S. I apologize, if I do not quite understand myself, I am Russian-speaking and I use a translator to write the answer.

Hi. Please make sure you have latest 10.x app version available for your device.
Unfortunately I’ve made some errors in cyclic alarms in 9.8 app version and 10.x app version should fix it.

What type of repeat option do you use for cyclic alarm?

I specifically checked in the section “About the application”, I have version “10 PRO (Android 6+)”. And in version 10, the errors were not eliminated, but on the contrary, new errors appeared (which were not observed in previous versions, before the update to 10, for example: with cyclic alarms) and the old error remained (with Google Drive, only it changed).

If I understand your question correctly, I use monthly cyclic alarms.

I have a suggestion to make our communication more productive: tell me the mail of developers or technical support, I will write there about the problem as fully as possible and send all the necessary screenshots. I propose to do so, because communication here comes down to the fact that I observe errors, and you claim that they are not.

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