Total time, overall average

I use this app regularly. I payed a fee in it several years ago and I find it still useful.

Several times I neede to watch my overall average pace or speed and total elapsed time but still it is not possible to set.
These are very useful parameter for hiking for example.
Now I can only see average speed and pace during motion. There are options to choose Average pace and Average pace in motion but these values are the same.
Average (total) pace can be calculated if interruption time is counted. Normal average pace omits motion pauses.
(The difference can be also checked using (End time - Start time)/Distance, in units km/min., you know, I guess.)
Can this be implemented, please?

Do you mean view during activity or at the end of the activity?
I kind of got a little lost. Can you explain one more time with more details what is missing or calculated wrong?

I cannot see real overall pace or speed average or total measuring time, including time of standing still.
I can see only pace or speed average calculated during the moving time.
I know there are also parameters for overall measuring time (including pauses) to select/view but their values are not valid because they are the same like parameters for moving.