Translator / internal server error

Im trying to translate the untranslated texts to hungarian, ( ) but in some occurrences can not save, the error message was: internal server error.
E.g.: “listen to an example”, “close app on screen lock” etc

Could you please check again? It should work fine now.

Yes, it is ok.
Not found in Translator: “Voices” (in Voice messages menu) and “GPS Settings” and its submenu.
Not found in app: “Close apps on screen lock”.
Can not browse it. (“Something went wrong”)

Hi. Once again thank you for notice. It’s fine now.


Something is not right.

I see in app’s translator menu, that 94,58% are translated (hungarian). And it shoud be true, there are still English (untranslated) texts in app. But: if i login in translator, i can see 100% is ready (425 words), nothing to do…

I usually update “in-app” stats with app update. Otherwise you would see 100% from website while app would still have incomplete translation.

OK, that (stats) is clear.
But i not found the untranslated texts in translator. Though there are untranslated texts surely in application, e.g the GPS settings, but there are simply no such english expressions (“gps settings”,“download gps data”, etc) in translator, nothing to translate.
In fact, it seems, that previously created/modified translations have not yet been transferred/updated, e.g “places”, “no photos”.

there is still no change…

Is the translation’s project terminated? No updates, and no new strings (which have been used in the application for a long time) for months.

Each app update should have translations updated. Maybe references in external libraries/projects weren’t updated. Which translations exactly do you have in mind?

It is about the Hungarian language, but I think it also affects the other languages.

There are currently 425 items in Translator.
But there are too:

  1. missing items in Translator, which are in use however in the application: “Rate this app”, “GPS settings” and its submenus, “Voices”, “last 7 days”, “this/previous week/month/year” (by implication, so they remain in app in english)
  2. items which are translated, nonetheless appear in english: “last 30 days”;
  3. and items, for which the newer translated item has not been applied (There are at least 30-40 items, it seems the translations I corrected 2-3 months ago have not been used., e.g Maximum pace: maximális sebesség /old/ - maximális iram /new/ or Manual Entry: Kézi adatrögzités/old/ - Kézi adatbevitel/new/ etc.)

Buon giorno, app che soddisfa totalmente le mie aspettative , unico neo, è che non c’è l’auto stop attività con relativa ripresa (dopo un semaforo , una pausa da foratura o altri stop simili) … è un mio problema di incapacità di petting? O l’APP è fornita della cosa? Giusto per capire , e magari da aggiungere in un prossimo aggiornamento.
Grazie … tutto il resto è TOP!!

I think I saw your comment on Google Play and you already found resolution (map view -> bottom right corner -> auto-pause).

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New strings in Translator, super!
Please add the following missing strings too: “Voices”, “Create a new Folder here”, “Defaulf Dir”, “Date”, “Format”, “Set now”. Thx

The string “Rate this app” is missing in the translator

Please add the 3.0’s new strings to the translator.


Still missing:
Rate this app
Disable ads
Disable in-app advertisements
min (as minute)
Create a new Folder here
Defaulf Dir
File (in export’s dialog)
Set now
Select a file (at File in export’s dialog )
Select (at File in export’s dialog )
Cancel (at File in export’s dialog )

It would be worth the whole translated glossary to re-import, because many newer (and especially:higher voted) translated strings were since months not updated in application.