Using the ISO 8601 definition for parameters


Technically, this fits in the alarm category as well. There was a suggestion back in 2018 I believe it was, of adding parameters in the configuration for the TTS chime.

I would like to voice my.request as. Additionally, for the sunrise / sunset setting I would like to be able to output a message such as " Good morning, the time is %time and the sun is up. Sunset is in %htss (hours to sunset) at %sstime (time of sunset)"

I would also like to be able to specify.both a chime and TTS in the same chime configuration, and specify if the sound or tts is first. I have an hourly and a half-hour chime defined now, because I use different chimes for hour and half hour.

I still got that on todo list. For next app version I would like to add new chime mode โ€œsound + ttsโ€ to combine two definitions into one and have: itโ€™s 3 oโ€™clock.

You did that, thank you! But I was hoping you could add a toggle to enable/disable the automatic voicing of the additional โ€œAM/PMโ€.